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    Acting iActing Studios - iActing Studios What is iActing Studios? iActing Studios is the first online acting studio that takes the best master acting teachers in Hollywood and makes them available to anyone, anywhere in the world. Our teachers have worked with Oscar, Emmy and Tony Award Winners and nominees...
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    Tutorials Udemy - Hollywood Filmmaking _ Television Directing Masterclass Join over 16,000 Students who are learning from our courses. "By far, the best director and cinematography course on the Internet." - Nate Carroll Want to learn how great directors create award-winning films? Want to...
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    Tutorials FXPHD - BKD237 Background Fundamentals July15

    A collection of Background Fundamentals lessons with world-class visual effects supervisors. course syllabus Class 1 Mike talks to Andrew Jackson, the vfx supervisor whose work includes Knowing, Happy Feet 2, 300 and the last blockbuster Mad Max: Fury Road. Class 2 Mike talks to VFX supervisor...
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    Tutorials FXPHD - BKD106 Collection: Lights, Camera, ... Action (revised)

    This Background collection covers on-set issues. Whether you're running your own production, or going on-set as a representative of your post facility, you'll find here a wealth of information on topics from basic lighting, lens selection and on-set behavior to more more unique situations such...
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    Tutorials FXPHD - DOP217 Pimp My Lenses

    Following on from our highly successful lighting DOP course, this course looks at lenses, how to measure them, use them, trick them and understand how to get the best out of them. Matt Duclos (of Duclos Lenses) and Mike Seymour cover a huge variety of lenses from a single pin hole camera, to new...
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    Tutorials FXPHD - BKD105 Collection: Compositing

    This general interest Background Fundamentals collection includes some of our most popular Background classes to date. It consists of both magazine style interviews and complex on-screen compositing demonstrations, including stereo work. Mike talks about compositing: Starting with the...
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    Tutorials FXPHD - NUK235 The Art and Science of Green Screen Keying Part 1

    Pulling a key from a greenscreen is one of the basic skills for any compositor but only the most skilled artists can create the illusion of the integration of an extracted green screen element with other CG layers to make it look like it was shot at the same time, with the same camera and lenses...
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    Tutorials FXPHD – DOP220 Making a Dramatic Difference

    This course is designed to dramatically improve your next film by showing you the professional secrets in blocking out your action, shooting for coverage in the edit and finally improving the quality of your recorded sound. The reality of filming Indie films today is that it is possible to get...
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    Tutorials The Art of Filmmaking and Editing

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    Tutorials Director Secrets: Plan, Shoot & Edit GREAT Films & Videos

    Ever wondered what it's like to be a film director, and what to takes to make great movies? Want to get your own films and videos to sing, whether purely for hobby or commercial intent? Now's a rare chance to accompany a 20-year film veteran taking you literally step-by-step through 4 days of...
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    Tutorials FXPHD – VFX102 History of Visual Effects

    FXPHD: VFX102 History of Visual Effects | 10.9 GB In this unique fxphd course Matt Leonard takes you on a journey through the history of visual effects. Starting in 1867 and moving forward to today we look at how the industry got started, the key players and what techniques and tools they where...
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    Tutorials FXPHD – GRD202 The Craft of Color Grading II

    FXPHD – GRD202 The Craft of Color Grading II Info: The Craft of Color Grading II is our sequel to the most popular course ever at fxphd. Professor Mike Matusek leads this offering, and plans to bring his own unique perspective to the course. Matusek is one of the founders of Nolo Digital in...
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    Acting Kevin Spacey teaches acting - Kevin Spacey teaches acting

    GB include: Entire Course