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Tutorials cmiVFX - Color Theory For VFX Artists

Discussion in 'Color Grade' started by admin, Jan 24, 2016.

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    Duration 2h 12m Project Files Included MP4 | 4GB

    What can we say? Not all great videos are about Polygons and Curve editors. Once you've mastered the techniques in this video, it will ruin TV and movies for you forever. When you see how many TV shows and movies are using "cookie cutter" color grading on all the hit block busters, you will never be able to sit through a movie again without calling out what you have learned in this video! If you're new to the world of Computer Graphics and Visual FX, this video will become one of your most valuable resources. It will change your life. However, if you have been working in the industry for a really long time, we challenge you to see how much you have forgotten over the years and to realize how little you have been using color theory in your work! We all need to have a refresher from time to time, so make this time yours. When it comes to maximizing efficiency, increasing quality, and setting the bar higher the ever, is the only place you ever need to go!
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