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Discussion in 'Color Grade' started by calypse, Jan 15, 2015.

  1. calypse

    calypse New Member

    Hi there,
    I am quite new here but I cannot say how I like this concept and the help it could give to us, especially those that live far from the Movie making countries. I Saw we offer a free tutorial which is related to old versions of Resolve.
    So I decided to help the forum and started an update to X265 +HEAAC of Color Grading Central daVinci Resolve 11 Course.
    Results are astonishing, I obtained a size reduction of more than 90% from the original H264 MOV files, basically the original course is 9,6gb and I believe I could contain it in 1gb once it will be finished.

    My only concern is compatibility So I would need you to download some of the files I already prepared to check if it plays on your PC, it should be ok because I respected all the standards in encoding but it would be safe to check.
    My viewing software is the fantastic: Media Player classic home cinema edition, an open source player with many features
    You will need X265 codec that may be included in current softwares though.
    to make a test you can download the first chapter here:!8R5n0B6Y!Ockq4jhtU_m7DOXoR61_ecidCE7dQHCLrUsMSrthyiY

    I finished encoding, from 9,6gb I reached a mind blowing 842MB I uploaded it to mega!xUBSEJQY!rA2e3_Gpgx4oLfcy_LAKlb8zVn6QGnLtvrfJ5Oj14e8
    please let me know
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  2. Mr.Green

    Mr.Green Moderator Staff Member

    Hi Calypse!

    Thank you for your efforts to help the community! Really great stuff! I am very interested in HEVC resources as well, and I downloaded your test files to try out. I think it's the future of online video, for sure. But at the moment, following some tests and reading, I'm a little worried about widespread use of it as a standard, and would appreciate your opinion on the problems I've come up against. For instance, I use VLC for preference. I know MPC-HC has been making up ground in leaps and bounds over the last couple of years, and I like and use it quite often myself, but I suspect VLC is still the most-used online by some margin, so whatever we standardize on, I think it needs to work in VLC.

    VLC does support h265/HEVC, but it won't play your test files. It took me a couple of hours of reading and testing to find out why. It's the FourCC code embedded in them, which identifies the video stream in the mp4 as 'hev1'. VLC will only accept 'hevc' for h265. There's a patch in the developer branch to enable both, but because it involves touching one of the central libs, as well as the exe code, it hasn't made its way to the main distribution yet.

    Normally, that would be easily sorted out by editing the FourCC in the mp4 metadata. Unfortunately, because h265 is so new, I couldn't get the usual tools (such as mp4box) to recognize the stream metadata and edit it. And FFMPEG only seems to want to write 'hev1' on any h265 stream, irrespective of instruction.

    And that seems to be a common problem at the moment. Most software I looked at accepted only one or the other of the main HEVC identifiers (hevc and hev1), but never both. And that's without looking at the annex-b encoding profile hev2. It's bad enough that the x265 project have released their own custom player, just to make sure there's at least one piece of software that will definitely play back every variant of h265 in one program.

    I think it might be a challenge to create files that work in any player, though I'm here to act as advisor/beta-tester if you think it's a worthy project to take on. I'd be interested to hear what other members are finding with these amazingly-compressed files - please specify which player and OS you're using, everyone, if you comment below!

    But either way, thank you very much for starting the HEVC ball rolling (the future starts now!) and bringing a new, valuable resource to the community!

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  3. pieter

    pieter FilmCrew

    x265 needs a little time. Maybe at the end of this year it will work flawlessly with vlc and without maxing out your cpu.
  4. calypse

    calypse New Member

    Hi Mr. Green,

    thank you for your exhaustive reply. After reading it I lurked in some forums and found the solution. VLC player does not yet support HEV1, it warns you and only audio is played.
    New version, which is 2.2.0, will support it, I tried and it works perfectly. Where to find 2.2.0? You would ask, it is still in RC phase, Now they reached a Release candidate 2, which usually is almost finished product. You can download it here:
    I personally downloaded win64 version and it works flawlessy.
    Please try and if everything works we can post these course in the appropriate section.
    Regarding stellar compression rates I suspect that color grading central guys deliberately kept bitrate very high to discourage people transferring it, further a course like that represents the perfect scenario for compression: basically a static image with some pixels moving.

    1. download VLC 2.2.0 RC2
    2. enjoy one of the best Davinci11 tutorials in a glowing HEVC Format!
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  5. pieter

    pieter FilmCrew

    I installed the vlc player you linked and it works great. When scrolling in video it takes a few second to resume playing but other then that it works great for me. Only 10% cpu on the intel 2600k quad core. Super quality too. What software did you use to reduce it to 850 mb? Great work!!
  6. calypse

    calypse New Member

    Hi there,
    I am very glad it worked!
    Software used: handbrake ( < free
    video X265, Quality set at: 23, speed: very slow
    audio: HEAAC set to mono at 48kb/s 44000hz
    in my rig which has an haswell 4790k w/16gb I encoded at 6/7 frame per second it took more than 24 hours to complete everything but now it's done
    Dvdfab is another very clever transcoder and it uses video card acceleration but size is at least 50% bigger than handbrake
  7. pieter

    pieter FilmCrew

    thanks man great work. I think VLC should release that version as standard so that everyone can play these type of files. Then people will not even know that it is x265 it will just work!
  8. calypse

    calypse New Member

    I agree but I need to say that this is a course to learn color correcting footage you shot, something which was out of league for many of us even 5/6 years ago.
    Some research and effort is needed.
    I remember when I saw for the first time a color grading software in action: it was Discreet Lustre in the making of of the Lord of the Rings, there were Legolas and Aragorn speaking inside Moria, when I saw what WETA did with the image my head exploded, I knew I wanted to learn that.

    And now we can do it for free with a far superior software. I mean: that it a movie photoshop, I would suggest to learn how to properly use it, go out film a very pretty friend or talented individual, color grade it, put a free music maybe from (which is free) and make a mini reel.

    Go to an video service company in your town when you feel ready and offer the color grading service to them, as an external, earn your first $50 doing something you love, especially in small cities no one know how to use a software like that.
    Offer them to grade for free an old video they already delivered , earn their respect and start with little projects, you will gain self confidence and proceed from there, create a facebook page and publish your work, learn from the best thru internet and improve.

    I am sorry if I am verbose but Mr Green instilled this in me and I feel this forum could be more than a course sharing platform, we could even coordinate to help us through different countries, first with test projects and then, who knows, with more serious stuff.

    In Italy, where I live, we are limited with upload bandwidth which is 1Mb/s for most of us. But with mega or dropbox we could share proxies and work from there. It would be the epitome of social use of Internet

    How it sounds? Further, since I am in brainstorming mode, what about to create subtitles for the courses we share? We could help many that do not understand spoken english very well. Mainly we would need english mother language people to create a transcript and others to encode subs in the videos. Then we can convert in X265 and reupload. This would permit many of us to better understand the shades of language if not proper meaning.
    In Italy, in example, not many can understand spoken english (and written, by the way) because other than people who studied a lot, which are usually very prepared, there are many that have a poor education and english language is considered an hassle during school, not a resource like in many European countries.

    What do you think? Do you feel inspired? Want to do something for the community and for us, in the end? I would volunteer for that.
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  9. pieter

    pieter FilmCrew

    Sure but color grading is just 1 step of a very long process of film making. My goal is to be writer/director/producer so eventually the colorist will be the one who will color my work. As the editor will be the one who will edit for me. Now off course I will be sitting in those sessions as Peter Jackson does in his Appendices discs of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. And therefor I need to know the basics of color grading and editing just enough to understand the artistic purposes and to be able to color and edit my own shorts, once I've written some. Peter Jackson and all other successful directors know how to edit/write/color etc. themselves. When they started they didn't have the budgets to hire professional editors and colorists. But once you are on the feature level you will be able to afford those people so you can focus more on the million other things that are film making.

    About people who cannot speak or read English. I think those people should start by learning themselves English. I did it too, Dutch is my first language.
  10. calypse

    calypse New Member

    HI Pieter,
    I was not referring to you in particular regarding Davince Resolve but to a concept: that if you master it you can start work as (mini) colorist for people doing wedding videos, in example, as an external, for a fee. It is important to use resources in a profitable way and invent a job in times where everyone struggles to find one. Creating a community like that we can help each other.
    Regarding subs: in Holland everyone speaks a good english, also because movies and some other features are not translated but only subtitled, there is an abyss between Holland and Italy. Sometimes I felt the necessity to read other than trying to understand what the speaker meant, it could be useful if we do it but I do not know how much it will be appreciated, sometimes I read in the courses description "clear to understand language", well I believe it can be useful for Asians, Italians, middle east people, etc . Modern Euro countries are much efficient on that and Holland is one of the most evolved in my opinion. Anyway if a proficient english native would like to help I could try to create .srt english subtitles for color grading central webcourse and see if it is appreciated. I await for Mr. Green, who is usually very passionate. Cheers guys
  11. pieter

    pieter FilmCrew

    Absolutely everyone has to start somewhere. You need to get your hands on LOG footage and learning how to correct that and grading it. Check out International Colorist Academy.
  12. Mr.Green

    Mr.Green Moderator Staff Member

    Wow, some great stuff going on here, Calypse! Thank you for the effort and your passion to help the community.

    There's a lot here I'd like to chime in on, would you please excuse me if it takes another 48 hours before I write back? I want to take the time to do that properly, but I'm absolutely slammed this weekend. Physical-world stuff and a fair few behind-the-scenes emails already on the go.

    Bear with me, and I'll be back. Apologies, because you deserve an immediate response for your time and effort.

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  13. admin

    admin Administrator Staff Member

    @calypse thank you for your efforts and sharing community :)
  14. blutaz

    blutaz New Member

    @calypse thank so much for your sharing, that was exactly what I was looking for. I started for the first time a project in DaVinci Resolve and the material you shared is perfect to start with.
  15. juktibadi

    juktibadi New Member

    thanks very much for x265 encoding. u are a lifesaver.
  16. unknown69

    unknown69 FilmCrew

    Links are down :(
  17. unknown69

    unknown69 FilmCrew

  18. calypse

    calypse New Member

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