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Ebooks Digital Storytelling: A creator's guide to interactive entertainment

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by admin, Dec 22, 2016.

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    The first professional book to explore and analyze digital storytelling across interactive media and genres-this book examines how digital storytelling draws on classic narrative techniques and utilizes interactive digital technologies to create today's entertainment.

    Digital Storytelling explains key strategies for conveying narrative through digital technologies, based on personal experience and numerous case studies, providing project managers, interactive content designers, and writers with the tools necessary for planning a successful interactive project, including ideas for product development and conceptualization.

    Detailed planning processes for all types of interactive projects are discussed, including videogames, massively multiplayer online games, the Internet, interactive TV, cross-media productions, smart toys, virtual reality, immersive environments, wireless devices, kiosks, and DVDs. The book also covers topics such as: structure, characters and emotions; tackling projects for children; finding work and staying employed; and more.

    Miller has written Digital Storytelling for the professional and the student, and details what interactive content developers and project managers need to know in a clear, enthusiastic manner.

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    How do I join?
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    saskamodie, you need to be a part of at least three group buys in order to join FilmCrew. Then a lot of other content is available to you.

    Are you from Saskatchewan?
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    Close, I have family roots from the Minnesota area
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    When do you think the site will be back up? I lost all my groupbuys after the crash.

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