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Ebooks Film Production Technique

Discussion in 'Technology and Equipment' started by admin, Feb 25, 2015.

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    Film Production Technique: Creating the Accomplished Image, 5th Edition by Bruce Mamer
    English | 2008-01-03 | ISBN: 0495411167 | 480 pages | PDF | 12,9 MB​

    FILM PRODUCTION TECHNIQUE: CREATING THE ACCOMPLISHED IMAGE, Fifth Edition, combines extensive information on video production with a strong emphasis on how motion picture film can be integrated into a project's workflow. An invaluable resource for those with limited background in the field, it equips you with a solid foundation in the basics of film.

    Exploring cutting-edge technologies as well as traditional techniques, the text covers lighting, cameras, editing, crew organization, and the production process.

    It uses clear terminology to explain complex topics and also lays out the basic, conventional approach to scene structure in a straightforward and methodical manner. Extremely practical, the text not only illustrates what you need to know to make a film but also it gives a sense of the magnitude of the process--the trials and tribulations, the mistakes, and the myriad intangibles that can make up a production. Diagrams and screen grabs throughout vividly illustrate the inner workings of equipment and the step-by-step procedures to execute specific tasks.

    "I think the book's greatest strength is that it can serve as both a textbook for an introductory media production class and a textbook for an introductory film class. The general level of detail and thoroughness is also a great asset. The book is obviously written by a filmmaker, which gives it credibility and weight."

    "The single most impressive aspect of the book is the use of diagrams and illustrations to help present technical concepts. Many film students are visually oriented learners and can be turned off by what they perceive to be 'dry discussions of technical concepts.' I've looked at a lot of different texts over the years and have never found anything as well designed as is found in this book."

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