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Discussion in 'Motion Graphic' started by admin, Jan 24, 2016.

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    School Of Motion Animation Bootcamp | 5.07 GB
    Knowing HOW to do something in After Effects is great. but knowing WHAT to do is better. Understanding the principles of good Animation is the key to creating amazing, fluid work. This 6-week interactive experience will put you ahead of the competition and ignite your ability to create beautiful, purposeful movement no matter what you're working on.
    If you start every project with a pit in your stomach hoping that somehow you'll "find" some good animation by experimenting with keyframes. then this course will literally change your career.
    Step-by-step Classes & More.
    You will gain lifetime access to the Animation Bootcamp Student Portal. The portal contains 6-weeks worth of content that is time-released day-by-day to you. Whether you are new to Motion Graphics or a seasoned pro, you will be shown step-by-step and then tested on how to:
    1. Create beautiful, FLUID movements using the Graph Editors.
    2. Add more impact and energy to your animations
    3. Control your viewer's eye and make your work incredibly pleasing to watch
    4. Develop your critical-eye for Aniamtion
    5. Build up a comprehensive Animation Vocabulary to expand your toolset
    The price for Animation Bootcamp is currently $797

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    much thanks
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    thanks vfx lovers
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    thankyou so muchh. you guys are doing great. can't thank more

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