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Tutorials The Art of Filmmaking and Editing

Discussion in 'Directing' started by admin, Aug 16, 2014.

  1. Martin444

    Martin444 Member

    still waiting for this one...... hopefully someone has working links...
    all the best
  2. reddy

    reddy New Member

  3. jASON

    jASON FilmCrew

  4. Martin444

    Martin444 Member

    hi, none of the links are working ? would like to get this download....
  5. Help

    Help Moderator Staff Member

  6. AyeMate

    AyeMate FilmCrew

  7. denisigner

    denisigner New Member

  8. akarsh shukla

    akarsh shukla New Member

  9. akarsh shukla

    akarsh shukla New Member

  10. Martin444

    Martin444 Member

    do the filmcrew links for this download work ? can you make me a filmcrew member pleae ? my paypal account is locked.. got to get it fixed.. thanks
  11. vik

    vik New Member

    this is great
  12. leprojectionist

    leprojectionist New Member

    Hope this works

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