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Ebooks The Power Filmmaking Kit: Make Your Professional Movie on a Next-to-Nothing Budget

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by kevin, May 22, 2015.

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    The Power Filmmaking Kit is a comprehensive, multimedia book and DVD package that empowers you to produce your own Hollywood-quality movie. Emmy-award winning director Jason Tomaric produced an independent film using only local resources for under $2,000 that not only got picked up for distribution, but is also used as a case study in top film schools. This book shows you how to do the same, regardless of your budget or location. You'll learn how to achieve professional quality on a microbudget, using the resources you have at hand.

    The book includes:
    * Coverage of the entire filmmaking process. It's all here, from writing and directing to cinematography, acting, editing, and distribution.
    * Step-by-step instructions, tips, diagrams, charts, and illustrations show you how to make a Hollywood-caliber movie on a next-to-nothing budget with little upfront money and access only to local resources.

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