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Tutorials The Ultimate Filmmaking Kit

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    The Ultimate Filmmaking Kit
    English | Ebook + Video | ISBN-10: 0977704815 | February 10, 2007
    286 pages | mp4v 720x480 | MP3 128 Kbps | 2.30 GB
    Genre: eLearning
    Instructional 31-part DVD series, comprehensive CD-ROM and 280-page companion book on the ins and outs of filmmaking.
    Takes you on the set of an actual movie, specifically made to demonstrate each of the principles taught.
    Learn from professional moviemakers as they reveal the tricks of the trade, garnered from years of experience.
    What better way to learn how to make a film than on the set? The film Time and Again was created solely for the purposes of these instructional DVDs. This means that you get to see everything from the script development process to casting and shooting straight through post production and promotion as the movie is being made.
    DISC 1 - Time and Again
    Director Jason J. Tomaric traveled to the Midwest with $2,000 and, using only local resources, produced the award-winning film, Time and Again. Time and Again is the foundation of The Ultimate Filmmaking Kit and takes you behind-the-scenes, unveiling every step of how the film was produced.

    This DVD includes: - Time and Again the movie
    - Complete Director's Commentary track unveiling the secrets behind the making of the movie
    - Original Trailer for Time and Again
    - Original Trailer for Clone, Jason J. Tomaric's epic sci-fi feature
    - Behind-the-Scenes photo gallery
    - The Overcoat, a quirky 20-minute short

    DISC 2 - How to Make a Hollywood Caliber Movie on a Budget of Next to Nothing
    The heart of The Ultimate Filmmaking Kit is this incredibly comprehensive 5-hour DVD that walks you through every step of the film making process from writing the script to premiering the completed movie in a local theatre. With over 30 chapters, 20 in-depth interviews and hundreds of behind-the-scenes photos and video clips, you will learn all the techniques to producing a high quality, low-budget movie.

    Learn from the set of Time and Again, a movie made specifically for The Ultimate Filmmaking Kit to teach you every aspect of the movie making process.

    DISC 3 - The Producer's Notebook
    The Producer's Notebook includes all the scripts, storyboards, schedules, call sheets, contracts, letters from the producer, camera logs and press kits from Time and Again. See how the production was scheduled and organized, read the script, follow the storyboards and watch the production unfold from beginning to end.

    The Producer's Notebook makes the production process of Time and Again transparent and easy to understand. It also includes blank contracts and forms that you can print out to use on your own film!

    Also included are extensive, valuable industry resource guides including:
    - Shooting Script with director's notes
    - Contracts with cast, crew and locations
    - Press Kits
    - Call Sheets
    - Camera Logs
    - Industry resource guides from Apple, Audio-Technica, Panavision, Arri, Lowel, Matthews Studio Equipment on editing, lighting and camera gear
    - Creative Notes and much, much more
    ...and as a SPECIAL BONUS, you will also receive the complete rough footage from one of the scenes from Time and Again that you can load into your computer to practice editing!

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