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Ebooks Visual Effects for Film and Television

Discussion in 'Visual FX' started by admin, Apr 17, 2015.

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    Visual Effects for Film and Television - With step-step instructions that teach you both basic and advanced techniques, this book guides you through the world of special effects for TV, video and digital productions.

    With emphasis on the digital world, it's written by an experienced professional who more than understands the principles and background of contemporary visual effects. Whether you're a cinematographer, cameraman, editor or student, this book is a must for anyone in the related field.

    Audience: Students on media courses, professional broadcast production staff retraining/multiskilling, professionals on industry training courses, new entrant broadcast staff

    Offers an invaluable insight into the use of special effects in film and television
    Step-by-step coverage from moving camera through to post production for ease of understanding
    Learn all the skills and techniques required from the only text available on the subject
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