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    Approve Martin Scorsese Teaches Filmmaking - MassterClass

    Ohmagad. Hell, yeah!!! The Werner Herzog one was glorious, cannot wait for this one !
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    Approve Philip Bloom: Cinematic Masterclass

    Oh, and of course. I am jealous of his success too. Obviously. Hard to admit though ;)
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    Vote Tomantosfilms Workshops

    Watched a bunch of his videos, he is definitely a super low-budget DP. I do not like his work at all but he shows you how to make it with pretty much nothing. But yeah there is this cheesy-music-video look to everything he does, that just doesn't make me trust him for some reason. He is mainly a...
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    Approve Philip Bloom: Cinematic Masterclass

    Haha, the most annoying "DP" out there. I have a gut thing for that guy, such an opportunist. Just slow-mo / boring beauty shots / gear oriented only. The only reason he is famous is that because he started reviewing DSLR 10 years ago. Although he got better with the years, I still think he is...
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    Approve Cinematography Workshop with Ryan Booth - POLL

    Hey guys, anyone has done it ? How would it compare to the Illumination Workshop ? I am getting a little bit annoyed by the mediocre DP content, is this one worth spending hours + money on ?
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    Suggestion Everything 10£ on

    Ah shit, there isn't a download button on the udemy thingy. No idea how to do it !
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    Suggestion Everything 10£ on

    Offer is still ON ! 1 more day :) They probably realized they make a lot more money from selling them 10$ instead of 200$. Cool for us! I got this two rather promising ones:
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    Suggestion Everything 10£ on

    Hey guys, just thought you would love to know that udemy is having a flashsale for 9 more hours, everything at 10£ :) Have fun !
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    Tutorials Cinesummit cs6 is coming

    If I understand correctly, we cannot group buy this after its happened. Anyone is taking the lifetime access and is OK to make it a group buy ?
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    Approve Design Bootcamp by School Of Motion

    I think we are 5 so far ? That would make 180 bucks pp. Seems a little bit too much ? The sweet spot would be $60 or so, maybe 15 persons ?
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    Approve Design Bootcamp by School Of Motion

    Funny, I know one of the lecturer, the world is small !
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    Approve Commercial Filmmaking Workshop with The Delivery Men and Stillmotion

    AWESOME !!!!! I will do so this week, thanks so much !!!!