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Editing Be a filmmaker - Creative Editing for Storytellling 2019-03-18

Do you want to understand the rules broadcast professionals use when editing a TV show?

Do you want to improve the quality of your videos, to the point where your audience can't get enough?

Are you moving from still photography to video, and is editing a major challenge?

Are your videos just not getting noticed and shared on your YouTube channel?

You are a professional video editor, but are not getting noticed because your work is technically fine, but not creatively outstanding?

Then you have come to the right place.


  • Non-linear story telling, software choices.
  • Constructing a storyline.
  • Keep your audience by making them guess.
  • Never give your audience enough.
  • Invisible edits. Edits that are noticed, are not good edits.
  • The five most important rules in editing.
  • Sound effects and their affect.
  • Music and its affect.
  • Music montage editing. Easy to do. Difficult to do well.
  • How not to fall into the music trap.
  • Editing dialogue.
  • Editing for suspense, story and ending.
  • Transitions. How not to fall into the transition trap.
  • All the things that shout 'amateur?'
  • You don't need top pro gear to get top pro results.
  • Editing perils.
  • How to build a good soundtrack.
  • Music perils
  • Narration and story-telling styles.
  • And more!
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