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    Suggestion Everything 10£ on

    Hey guys, just thought you would love to know that udemy is having a flashsale for 9 more hours, everything at 10£ :) Have fun !
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    Share The Director's Chair - TV serie

    The Director’s Chair is a monthly hour-long series by Robert Rodriguez featuring the industry’s most notable directors as they engage in a revealing and unexpected exchange about the world of filmmaking. The series provides a forum for two directors to go one on one, offering viewers access...
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    Share 2 Days Film School - DOV Siemens

    Hi everyone, just a little shout out to this community to let you know that I followed this course like 5 years ago and it was: FREAKIN' MIND BOGGLINGLY AWESOME. This dude is not waisting time, he goes straight to the point and let you know how to MAKE your first big movie right now...
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    Cinematography - Day Exterior Playbook (Shane Hurlbut)

    Hi there, first time I do a suggestion but this look like some good stuff! If we can demystify daylight for good... 10$ each would be cool !