Tutorials 4k Video Production with the iPhone and Final Cut Pro X


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4K Video Production with the iPhone and Final Cut Pro X
The latest iPhones can shoot video in 4K. But what exactly is 4K video and why should you consider shooting it? This tutorial demystifies 4K and explains in clear language the pros and cons of shooting and editing in this resolution.

We show you how to set up your iPhone for shooting 4K and walk you through how to use the powerful Filmic Pro app for getting the best 4K footage possible. We provide crucial tips that will save you time when shooting, including recommendations for getting steady shots, high quality audio, and adding variety to your shot types.

For editing, we start by suggesting some hardware configurations that will handle the demands of 4K, and then we show you how to get your footage into Final Cut Pro X and set up 4K and HD projects so that you can take advantage of all that extra resolution. Along the way, you’ll discover how to stabilize, reframe, and create beautiful camera moves on your 4K footage and how to share your 4K videos.

If you are considering shooting an entire project using the 4K capabilities of your iPhone, or just augmenting an HD project with 4K footage, you’ll find the information presented in this tutorial an invaluable production resource.

Who this Tutorial is for:
Photographers experimenting with video, filmmakers curious about 4K, and anyone who has an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus and wants to integrate 4K into their workflows.

Software Version: Final Cut Pro10.2 or later

Run Time: 50 Minutes

Project Media: Project Media files and e-book included with this tutorial.