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Please read the FAQ on how we run our Group Buys here. We do things a bit differently!


This document contains all the information you need to know about the Group Buys, to fully benefit from them and to stay out of trouble.
What is The GB - (Group Buy) forum ?
The Group Buy forum is simply where members propose to buy a product together. Any member, old or new, can propose a product for a group buy, and if other members feel it is a legitimate and worthwhile product they will voted. When enough members join GB, Site Staff will created GB for members join and download..

Guideline For Creating a New GB Request

1. To make a GB request, start a new topic in the main GB forum (choose exactly category)
2. Before starting a new request, ensure that the product you are about to suggest meets the following requirements:
  • The product should be related to filmmaking or related content.
  • Product has to be in a "tangible" format, accessible by members and can download.
3. Start a new GB thread in the GB forum section. Please check and ensure that the product is not already on LOVEVFX and there is no existing Group Buy for it. Duplicate Threads will be locked.
4. The first post should describe the product, price, and provide a link to the sales page and create polls.

Guidelines for Group Buy Participants

Participating in a Group Buy ensures that you'll be one of the first to grab a product (no wait time). Please ensure that you've read the GB Thread details carefully and the GB Rules before doing so. These guidelines are meant to help minimize confusion and ensure that GBs are run in a uniform fashion. The guidelines apply to all GB Participants.

Usual Group Buy Process : Buy Credits -> Purchase -> Choose GB -> Join -> Download
  • 1 Credits = $ 1
  • Paying via Paypal
Thank you and welcome to LoveVFX! Please drop me a line if you need any help.

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