Fujifilm X-A7 mirrorless creates 4K video using data equal to 6K


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Cinema quality 4K videos is Fujifilm’s promise with the new X-A7 mirrorless digital camera, available in a kit that includes a popular XC15-45mmF3.5-5.6 OIS PZ lens.

The new Fujifilm’s X-A7 does not intend to compete with the big cameras when it comes to both stills and video, but Fujifilm did design a camera that you’ll probably want to carry around, for both photography and video. An evolution of the Fujifilm X-A5 mirrorless digital camera. The new model features a newly developed 24.2MP imaging sensor that offers 8.5 times more phase detection pixels across its surface than the sensor used in the X-A5. The X-A7 has been engineered with industry-leading copper wiring to reduce digital noise, to ensure images and video are processed quickly and to ensure the best possible image quality.

The change in technology means that the X-A7 offers enhanced data readout speed which enables a smooth frame rate of 30fps when recording 4K video, with no cropping (the X-A5 managed 15fps), minimizing the rolling shutter effect which typically occurs when recording fast -moving subjects or when panning the camera quickly. Fujifilm says that the camera is able to produce high quality, smooth 4K (3820×2150) video using data equal to 6K (6032×3392), to improve the video quality with less image noise.

Large vari-angle LCD and microphone jack

Shootiing video with the X-A7 is easy, says Fujifilm. With the large 16:9 aspect ratio Vari-angle LCD screen, it’s easy to frame, record and review video and vlogs for creative and cinematic results. Users have multiple recording options available, from 4K (3840 x 2160) at 29.97P/25P/24P/23.98P with continuous recording up to 15 min, to Full HD (1920 x 1080) at 59.94P/50P/29.97P/25P/24P/23.98P with continuous recording up to 30 min. There are also other recording options, including High Speed Movie(1280×720) with 1.6x / 2x / 3.3x / 4x.

Videographers will appreciate the large, 3.5 inch, 16:9 touchscreen LCD flip-out articulating screen, ideal for perfect framing and absolute control at the tip of your fingers. Moreover, the newly-designed “Smart Menu” facilitates intuitive touchscreen operation, so that even beginners can produce high-quality images easily. The microphone/remote release connector, despite being a 2.5 mm 3-pole mini jack instead of the common 3.5mm will allows the use of an external microphone, for better sound.

Fujifilm X-A7 mirrorless creates 4K video from 6K data

Cinematic look

With all the technology and functions you expect to find in a Fujifilm mirrorless camera of the X family, the Fujifilm X-A7 is presented as the ideal camera for content creators of all skill levels and disciplines. With fast auto-focus, quick face detection, and enough power to create stills at 6 FPS, the camera is also pointed by Fujifilm as a camera for moving images, able to record “stunning video in 4K30P to get a beautiful cinematic look with beautiful bokeh and colors that only a FUJIFILM X Series camera can provide.”

The new Fujifilm X-A7 with FUJINON XC15-45mmF3.5- 5.6 OIS PZ lens kit will be available in most markets in camel, dark silver, mint green and silver. It will be available for purchase starting October 24, 2019 in the U.S. and Canada at a MSRP of USD $699.95 and CAD $899.00.

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