Primestream shows advanced acquisition capabilities at IBC 2019


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Primestream shows advanced acquisition capabilities at IBC 2019

Primestream has expanded and enhanced its acquisition and ingest capabilities and will demonstrate them in Amsterdam, with solutions for anything up to 4K HDR and VR/360.

For any media project, initial content acquisition is the most important stage in the workflow. Cameras in the field need mobility, flexibility and reliability, especially in live and multi-cam situations. Control room operators need to monitor incoming content, as well as add information to support the asset management, editing, and distribution requirements later in the process. Even when moving files from an external storage location into the production environment, insufficient or erroneous metadata can be highly costly as the project moves forward.

To be able to answer to all those needs, Primestream has expanded and enhanced its acquisition and ingest capabilities. The company has added new formats for live capture, and transmission methods to its workflow. Building on its scalable multi-channel ingest capability, the options include HEVC and other compressed formats and uncompressed streams in resolutions up to 4K HDR and VR/360.

Keep workflows, embrace new technologies

The Primestream system now supports all major IP-based transport protocols including HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Network Device Interface (NDI), and SMPTE-IP. Primestream also added support for bonded cellular camera packs and supports most professional cellular-based IP camera feeds. Live IP and SDI acquisition works in concert with file-based transfers from virtually any storage device or location.

Primestream has also built-in real-time transcoding capability that can prepare files in any number of desired formats for proxy, work files, quality control, AI analysis and final output all while the content is ingested. Editors can work with files as they arrive for the fastest possible access to content.

Primestream is built on a modular architecture, and regardless how content arrives, organisations have the full suite of tools at their disposal for metadata tagging, workflow control, edit application integration, reviews and approvals, and distribution management—including full OTT content prep and XML export. This allows companies to maintain their workflows, while adopting the latest technologies, and reducing complexity and infrastructure costs.

Primestream shows advanced acquisition capabilities at IBC 2019
New capabilities

Key modules including Primestream Xchange and Review Hub are now available as on-prem, cloud based, or hybrid deployments. These flexible deployment options mean that companies can scale operations up and down on demand as projects spin up and are completed.

A new capability from Primestream is extending metadata sources to include Artificial Intelligence engines from all major providers, including AWS, Google, and IBM. AI viewing abilities are also included. Primestream stores AI data in its native format and presents the data in the Primestream Elastic Viewer, which can be customized to display any combination or sources and filters, dynamically altered, or display different types of results on a multi-track timeline against picture.

Companies looking to leverage AI analysis and results in their media production workflows no longer need to work with each source of data separately or merge data manually or by using a 3rd party aggregator which can increase time and cost.

Visit Primestream at stand 7.C18 at IBC2019.

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