Tutorials The Power Of Lighting For Film and Video DVD1 - DVD4



The Power Of Lighting For Film and Video DVD1 - DVD4
DVD-Rip (4 DVD's) | AVI | DivX @ 1 Mbit/s | 640x480 | MP3 @ 128 Kbit/s 48 KHz | 175 min | 2 GB
Genre: Lighting For Film & Video | Language: English

The Power of Lighting for Film & Video - These four DVDs will provide you with a comprehensive, detailed and in-depth study of the nature and use of proper lighting techniques. For anyone interested in film and video, this set will become a valuable tool from which you can draw lessons, tips, techniques and tricks to make your production more successful.

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thanks but it seems to not work for me, says the rar files are broken.Maybe a 1 file upload to mega would be better. Anyway many thanks for the effort!
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