The Art of Seeing as a Photographer
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When I look back at my journey as a wildlife photographer especially as I scroll through my images on my editing screen a few things become apparent. Firstly, most of my pictures were either action or close up portrait, and secondly, the editing was awful.

Editing is an essential skill for a...
Cinematographer Pietro Villani shoots in Ghana with Panasonics EVA1
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Written and directed by Leila Djansi, 40 and Single is an UMC (Urban Movie Channel) television series that tells the story of a bisexual, mixed race, single bridal fashion designer as she maneuvers life and business in post-colonial Africa. It recently won the Audience Award at The LA...
This Beer Was Developed to Process Kodak Super 8 Film
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The popular craft brewery Dogfish Head is launching a new gose beer called...
Why Size Matters: Lens Compression at 400mm in Landscape Photography
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Most the time when I am out doing landscape photography, I have a...
3 Elements Of Short Film Structure You Need To Know
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So, you want to make a great short film? One of the first steps to making a memorable short film is understanding what is unique about the short film format and how to use it to your advantage. While visual storytelling is an important part of your short film (and you should definitely...
After Effects wins an Academy Sci-Tech Award
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David Simons is a 28-year fellow at Adobe, if you count the first three years at CoSA where he created After Effects. His creation has dominated the post-production world since its inception and has been the crucible for compositing for thousands of productions from indie one-offs to the biggest...
This Week’s Top 10 Deals for Filmmakers – Nikon Z 6, Sony a6500, Shogun Inferno and More
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There are a couple of new, interesting deals for filmmakers available. We have selected the best 10 offers of filmmaking gear from our partners’ online shops for this week – including the Nikon Z 6, the Sony a6500, the Shogun Inferno, an iPad Pro, lights, storage and more....
RED Digital Cinema announces RED RANGER is available now
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The new RANGER will be available in RED authorized rental houses, where you’ll be able to see this camera with RED’s cinematic full frame 8K sensor, MONSTRO.
[IMG alt="RED Digital Cinema announces RED RANGER is available...​
Tired of Heavy Gimbal Work? Meet the GimbalGun!
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This is a fun one! Or maybe not.. I won’t judge this thing until I haven’t tried it but you’ll probably agree with me when I say this is the most peculiar piece of gear I’ve seen in a very long time. Meet the GimbalGun – a support rig for your single handed... Review – After a Year of Use
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I resisted using for some time. Did I really need another application in my life? Could it really be worth switching everything over and having my team learn a whole new platform? had initially caught my attention at NAB last year. My producing...