Nikon Now Includes the $250 FTZ Lens Adapter for Free with the Z6 and Z7
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If you shoot with a Nikon full-frame DSLR and have been considering a jump to the new Z Series of full-frame mirrorless cameras, it’s now easier on your wallet to bring your existing lens collection over with you. Nikon is now bundling the $250 FTZ (F-mount to Z-mount) lens adapter for free with...
Why I Share My Contact Sheets
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One of the major shortcomings of sharing work online, especially on social media, is that it is often a highlight reel of incredible work. That’s not a bad thing if your only goal is to enjoy work, but for people looking to learn, it can offer some unrealistic expectations.

One of the reasons I...
Streaming Summit at NAB 2019: the future of OTT video and streaming
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For two days during NAB 2019, the Streaming Summit will be the stage to discover everything about transcoding and monetization of video. More than 75 speakers will share their experiences and visions.

Presented as “The OTT Event of the Year!”, the Streaming Summit Conference...
Red Giant Cheap Tricks: how to create VFX similar to Alladin or Captain Marvel
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If you want to know how to create buzzworthy blockbuster effects, Daniel Hashimoto, creator of Action Movie Kid, shares with you some of the best tricks to create fantastic VFX with Red Giant software.

Announced as “the most awesome episode of Cheap Tricks yet”, the March...
How I Converted a Durst Laborator 1200 Enlarger to Use LED Lights
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I recently converted my friend‘s Durst Laborator 1200 enlarger to use LED lights. In this...
Basics of the Histogram: From Foe to Friend
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A long, long time ago, that is, in days of film photography, it was a rather difficult task to learn how to produce properly exposed pictures. There was no instant feedback and the only way to see how good of a job you did exposing the scene was to wait until the picture was developed...
MOZA Mini-MI: a gimbal for serious smartphone videography
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It can charge your phone and charge itself while shooting, and that’s just part of the things it does. Meet the MOZA Mini-MI, a gimbal that will make you want to be more serious about your videography.
[IMG alt="MOZA Mini-MI: a gimbal for serious smartphone...
The Man Who Makes Cameras Out of Everything from Fruit to Campers
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ILFORD PHOTO just released this 15-minute short film that looks at the work of Brendan Barry, a large format...
Polarr Raises $11.5M in VC Funding to Advance Its AI Photo Software
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The mobile photo-editing app startup Polarr has announced that it just raised another $11.5 million in Series A funding as it...
Canon 8K Cinema Camera – First Official Footage
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The first footage shot with Canon’s 8K cinema camera is now available to watch online. The short video shot in 8K RAW (Using external recorders) shows the natural and cultural heritage of the Miyazaki Prefecture in Japan.

Last year in November during Inter BEE 2018 in Japan, Canon...