How I Handle Storage and Backup as a Photographer
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I remember when I just started out with photography I would use external hard drives to save the biggest amount of my data on. I’m sure most of you reading have been there (or are still in this phase). The drive got full, and then I would get another drive, and because of technology and price...
10 Things You Should Know About Being a Wedding Photographer
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There’s something unique about being a wedding photographer. It’s a job that filled with joyful moments and...
The Compromises of Shooting Film on Assignment
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A year ago, I wrote an article over at...
Cinematography Course: Intro to the RED Cinema Camera
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A Filmmaking Guide to RED Cinema Cameras. Learn Cinematography Using This Game Changer Film Camera.
What Will I Learn?
Understand he science of RED Cinema Cameras
Have a better understand of the line of RED camera available and which is right for their project
NASA Shot the First Pics of Supersonic Jet Shockwaves Interacting
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NASA has captured the first-ever photos showing the shockwaves of supersonic jets interacting in flight. The beautiful images were captured in an extremely difficult air-to-air photo shoot.

To create the groundbreaking photos, NASA outfitted...
Can We Please Stop Using Workshop Photos and Styled Shoots in Our Wedding Portfolios?
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Over the last few years, I’ve noticed a growing trend of photographers in the UK using workshops and styled shoots to boost their wedding portfolio. It wasn’t as prevalent when I started shooting weddings 6 years ago (following many years of documenting my own life with a camera), and I’m glad...
A Guide to Shooting the Milky Way
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This guide will be a walkthrough on the basics of Milky Way photography. It is best for beginners, but even intermediate and expert photographers might find something new! Plus, I always find it never hurts to refresh yourself on the basics.

Before we get to the good stuff, I’d like to start by...
Flickr Will Save All Creative Commons Photos, Deceased Members’ Accounts
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Flickr will begin deleting photos of accounts over the 1,000 file limit starting on March 12th, but the photo-sharing service has just announced two changes to its policy: spared from...
Tutorials Robert McKee's "StoryLogue": A New Resource for Writers
Filmmaker Friday featuring Dylan Costa
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With hundreds of jobs and opportunities, breaking into the entertainment industry can be a unique experience for anyone who decides to try to make a career as a filmmaker. From pitching an idea, casting, shooting, editing and screening there are countless ways to be involved in the creative...