How Much a Full Pro Camera and Lens Set Costs for Each Brand
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Photographer Terrance Lam’s friend recently purchased Sony’s entire line of pro G Master... Uses AI to Colorize B&W Photos
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Want to turn some old black-and-white photos into color photos? There’s an amazing new website called that’ll...
Randomizing Photo Shoots to Stretch My Creativity
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I am a fan of light (honestly what photographer isn’t?). Hard light; reflected light; dappled light; low-key light; colored light — I love it all. Light makes or breaks not only my images but my mood. I’d venture to say that light is sandwiched between “belonging” and “safety” on my hierarchical...
How to Make a Rifle Stock for Your Camera
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Want a camera stabilizer that’s sure to attract (perhaps unwanted) attention? Just add a rifle-style stock to it. Alex over at...
5 Beginner Landscape Photography Mistakes to Avoid
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Making mistakes when starting something new is a common part of the learning process, and the sooner you can identify and fix them, the faster you’ll progress within your new endeavor. When I first started in landscape photography I certainly made my fair share of errors, but I didn’t realize it...
The Problem with Camera Phones (That Nobody Talks About)
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Once upon a time, the biggest problem with camera phones was the camera itself. One of the world’s first camera phones, the J-SH04, was released in 2000. Boy have we come a long way, right? It could shoot tiny 0.11-megapixels images. It went up from there...
Cartoni to launch contest at NAB 2019 to celebrate its SDS Tripod system
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Italian cinematographer Paolo Sodi shooting horses at Camargue, using Cartoni

How do you use your Cartoni tripod and gear? Cartoni is inviting users from around the world to share how they use their Cartoni system. Three winners will receive a prize comprised of Cartoni...
This Week’s Top 10 Deals for Filmmakers – GH5, Selection of Lenses, Backpack and More
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There are a couple of new, interesting deals for filmmakers available. We selected the best 10 offers of filmmaking gear from our partners’ online shops for this week – including Panasonic GH5, lenses for micro four thirds, E-mount and EF-mount, backpack, and more....
Stickman Straightens Out…Color Management
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Color management is one of the biggest sources of confusion in modern digital video workflow. It doesn’t need to be. In this month’s Stickman Straightens Out… the stickman explains the basic principles behind color management in a clear, concise manner.

Too many...
Samyang Announces First Canon RF Mount Lenses – 14mm f/2.8 and 85mm f/1.4
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Samyang recently announced their first venture into the Canon RF world. The Samyang MF 14mm F/2.8 RF and Samyang MF 85mm f/1.4 RF will be the first in line for native compatibility with the Canon EOS R Mirrorless cameras.

The new mirrorless line from Canon brought a new mount – RF mount...