RØDECaster Pro: Is it an automixer?
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As I have covered in past articles and reviews, the goal of an automatic audio mixer is to instantly cure bleed/spill/crosstalk faster tan any human being could. This is ideal for live broadcast and live-to-drive, makes it sound infinitely better without investing extra time in post. Ahead...
Samson Q2U headless mic with Shure A81WS presidential windscreen
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After hearing, reading and watching many reviews of the Samson Q2U, I sought out to cure its only important Achilles heel. The Q2U is a hybrid dynamic “handheld” type microphone with a cardioid pickup pattern. It’s hybrid in the sense that it offers both XLR analog output, bidirectional USB...
Sony VENICE presses the flesh with Bad Mothers, new Channel 9 series
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Bad Mothers is the new eight-part drama series for Channel 9 from Jungle Productions and Filthy Productions. Starring Tess Haubrich, Mandy McElhinney, Jessica Tovey, Shalom-Brune Franklin, Daniel MacPherson and Don Hany. It explores the underbelly of modern motherhood through the prism of four...
How Rotten Tomatoes lets independent filmmakers down
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People don’t shop on Amazon, pick a restaurant on Yelp, or choose a movie to watch without checking the reviews first. Reviews have become so crucial to the decision-making process that it has basically taken over every form of business imaginable. From freelancers on Upwork to contractors on...
Lomogon 2.5/32 Art Lens by Lomography – Now on Kickstarter
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The Lomogon 2.5/32 Art Lens is a new crowdfunding campaign by Lomography. This fully manual lens offers a unique aperture ring with circular aperture cutouts, 32mm focal length and 0.4m minimal focusing distance. It covers full-frame sensors and will be available for a variety of cameras with...
Inuk – Compact Universal Support for Small Cameras & Smartphones – Now on Kickstarter
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Inuk is a compact universal support rig for payloads of up to 1.5 kg. It can be mounted literally everywhere using suction cups, magnets, or straps. Inuk is now live on Kickstarter with...
Gitzo Mini Traveler Tripod – Carbon Fiber Mini Tripod with up to 25kg Load Capacity
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At CP+, Gitzo introduced the new noir décor version of their Gitzo mini traveler tripod, a carbon fiber mini tripod that is incredibly light, yet features high load capacities, a detachable head and Gitzo’s patent pending “Pull & Fix” system for easy adjustability on the go. Our own Johnnie...
Tutorials The 2 Day Film School with Dov Simens
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Dov Simens, “America’s #1 Film Instructor” (source: the National Association of Film Schools) is coming to Melbourne to teach his famous 2-Day Film School.
For over 30 years Dov has worked diligently to bring affordable...
Documentary The Cutting Edge The Magic of Movie Editing
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The Cutting Edge: The Magic of Movie Editing is a 2004 documentary film directed by filmmaker Wendy Apple. The film is about the art of film editing. Clips are shown from many groundbreaking films with innovative editing styles...
Ebooks Grammar of the Edit
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Grammar of the Edit, Second Edition by Roy Thompson, Christopher J. Bowen
Publisher: Focal Press; 2 edition (March 20, 2009) | ISBN-10: 024052120X | PDF | 2 Mb | 236 pages
"This book, shall we say, 'cuts to the chase scene' of what to look for in a good shot. Rather than contain...​