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Cinematography Advanced Cinematography Kit Ver 2

Table of Contents:
Composition and Storytelling
Composition 201 – How Lenses Assist Storytelling I
Composition 202 – How Lenses Assist Storytelling II
Composition 203 – How Lenses Assist Storytelling III

Camera Movement
Camera Motion 201: How to Use a Crane to Educate Your Audience

Money Management
Money 201 – On Set with Shane Day 5: How to Work with All Departments to Save Money and Put It on the Screen
Money 202 – Sample Lighting and Grip Packages
Money 203 – Knowing What to Charge for Your Services

Lighting Theory
Lighting Theory 201 – Always on Stage in The Rat Pack
Lighting Theory 202 – Hallowed Halls in The Skulls
Lighting Theory 203 – The Natural Look of Crazy/Beautiful
Lighting Theory 204 – Extending Dawn in Drumline
Lighting Theory 205 – Sunset for Hours on Into the Blue
Lighting Theory 206 – Just Two Lights on We Are Marshall

Pre-Production Scouting
Location Scouting 201

Advanced Lighting Techniques
Lighting Techniques 201 – The Power of the Book Light
Lighting Techniques 202 – How to Light Day Exteriors
Lighting Techniques 203 – Execution and Etiquette of How to Light for Three Cameras – The Theory and Thought Process Behind It
Lighting Techniques 204 – Bounce Light: Understanding How to Match Practical Light with Colored Bounce Sources
Lighting Techniques 205 – Bounce Light: Intensifying Your Bounce Source to Create a Hyper White Color Tone
Lighting Techniques 206 – Bounce Light: How to Use Reflective Light Sources to Enhance a Mood
Lighting Techniques 207 – Advanced C-Stands: The Most Powerful Tool in Your Lighting Arsenal

Softening the Image
Diffusion 201 – Glass Filtration
Diffusion 202 – Smoke

Podcasts on Lighting
Podcast 201: Mastering Lighting Challenges – Wide Exteriors, Night Scenes, Daytime Exteriors
Podcast 202: Lighting in Layers, Bounce Light, Building Your Lighting Kit, Selecting a Light Meter
Podcast 203: Taking Your Lighting Techniques to the Next Level – Light Quality and Essential Tools, Lighting Large Spaces, Powering your lights and DIY Lighting
Podcast 204: Finding Your Visual Rhythm
Podcast 205: Creating Depth, Mood and Emotion with Lighting

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