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Cinematography Cinematography Starter Kit 1.1

Shane Hurlbut, ASC
Welcome to your Cinematography starter kit. I am Shane Hurlbut, ASC and I have created this unique kit for all of you looking to begin your visual storytelling journey. Inside are many articles to help you not only understand the core concepts of the art of cinematography, but how to conduct yourself on set as a leader and a warrior. Many of these specific topics are never really talked about in any type of educational curriculum. It is this insider wisdom that will propel you ahead of the competition.

Technology is changing at lightning speed. New tools arrive daily. Creating a foundation of core concepts that never go out of style or out of date is what you will be ingesting. We are all visual storytellers. This is why you are reading this right now. But the written word in these articles needs to be re-read many times to really understand and retain. Please don’t just go to the video thinking that it is all of what I have to offer. This curriculum has been put together with love and care, which you have to study like a college course. So without further ado:

Table of Contents:
Leadership and Responsibility
Leadership 101 – Learning How to be a Leader in the Industry
Leadership 102 – Resiliency in the Industry
Leadership 103 – Motivating Your Filmmaking Team
Leadership 104 – How to Communicate Your Ideas as a Filmmaker

Setting Yourself Up for Success
Career Matters 101 – Podcast: Cinematography: From Career Advice to LED Lighting
Career Matters 102 – Podcast: Collaborating with Directors in Pre-Production, Location Scouting and Script Breakdown
Career Matters 103 – How to Stand Out in Your Market with a Demo Reel

The Cinematographer’s Tools
Understanding Your Light Meter: The Basics
Understanding Your Color Meter: The Basics

Composition and Storytelling
Composition 101 – Storytelling Through Composition I
Composition 102 – Storytelling Through Composition II
Composition 103 – Understanding Lens Focal Lengths and How This Makes an Audience Feel
Composition 104 – Set Up Your Story in the First Three Minutes with Expansive Intimacy

Camera Movement
Camera Motion 101: Why, When and How to Move the Camera

Basic Lighting Techniques
Lighting Techniques 101 – How to Train Your Eye
Lighting Techniques 102 – Where to Place Your Key Light
Lighting Techniques 103 – When to Use a Fill Light
Lighting Techniques 104 – Shaping Light is Everything
Lighting Techniques 105 – Using Color Temp to Create Depth and Dimension
Lighting Techniques 106 – Light for Specific Camera Blocking: Master to Close-Up
Lighting Techniques 107 – Bounce Light: Tips To Make You More Confident On Lighting Your Creations
Lighting Techniques 108 – Bounce Light: How Light Quality Changes Mood and Tone

DIY Lighting Techniques
Lighting Techniques 109 – Building the Perfect Key Light
Lighting Techniques 110 – DIY Home Depot Lights

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