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    Tutorials Big League Cine Summit 2016

    can you invite me?
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    Ebooks Painting With Light

    many thanks!
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    Approve Sound Advice with Frank Serafine

    Guys check this out. I won't be joining groupbuy.
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    Tutorials Advanced Resolve v11 (FXPHD - FF201)

    thanks but links are broken.
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    Tutorials Video Editing Master Class

    When you join more or equal to 3 group buy, you will become member FILMCREW FILMCREW The benefits of FilmCrew - Download at high speed - Support download link - You can download a course only for FilmCrew
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    Ebooks The Camera Assistant's Manual

    many thanks
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    Ebooks Visual Effects for Film and Television

    many thanks
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    Ebooks Film directing shot by shot. Visualizing from concept to screen

    Thanks but you accidentally posted the wrong link.
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    Ebooks The Art of Motion Picture Editing

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    Approve Producing An Indie Film From The Grassroots Up

    UPDATE: We now have a successful Group Buy for this tutorial in the members-only 'Group Buy' area. your guide to producing indie films. Producing an independent film takes an enormous commitment of time...
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    Tutorials Color Grading Central -daVinci Resolve 11

    problem is encoding time. I tried myself to encode some 10gb files and it would take hours and my pc even crashed making me start all over again. I couldn't use the pc while encoding. I have a 4-5 year old 2600k (quadcore with hyper threading at 3.5 ghz) with 16gig and two 550mb read/write...