Alteon Accelerator – Desktop App for Faster Media Files Upload up to 5TB Now Available


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Alteon, the content management system, that allows you to upload/transcode/share footage and media in the cloud, has just released the Windows and Mac-compatible desktop app “Accelerator“, which maximizes media upload speeds. This app fully unleashes your internet speed capabilities and allows you to upload footage up to 5TB. So let’s take a closer look at it!

If you are like me and have never heard of Alteon before, don’t worry; the American company is still relatively “new” to the media cloud storage market. Indeed, was founded in 2020 and went live in 2021. So what does Alteon do, and how are they different from long-established players like or MASV, for example?

Alteon content management system

Alteon is a content management system specifically designed for content creators and filmmakers. Simply put, it allows you to upload and organize your footage to the cloud, share them with your team, and request footage from a collaborator. Also, Alteon automatically transcodes your footage in the backend to create Proxy files so you can work faster.

Once your files are on Alteon, your team and/or clients can add comments on your edit or footage. If you want to protect your files further, you can also password-protect them before sending a link to a client or team member.

Lastly, to speed up your workflow, Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro extensions are available that can upload directly to the cloud.

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Alteon Accelerator – speed up your uploads

The Alteon Accelerator is a Windows and Mac desktop app designed to upload your footage faster. Indeed, the Accelerator unlocks your maximum internet speed potential. Also, it can deliver files and footage – including RAW footage – up to 5TB.

The Alteon Accelerator is powered by IBM Aspera, which is the technology that pushes the limits of your internet connection. Once your footage is uploaded to Alteon, the system automatically generates proxy files of every asset, even RAW footage.

Image credit: Alteon
Price and availability

The Alteon Accelerator is available now and free to download on the company’s website. In addition, Alteon has several plans available:

  • Basic with 10GB of storage for free.
  • Standard with 250GB of storage for $11.97/month or $129.28/year.
  • Premium with 1TB of storage that can also be upgraded if you need more. It’ll cost you $36.94 per month or $398.95 for a year.
If we make a direct comparison, the Alteon Standard plan is more affordable than’s Pro plan, which is $15 per month. However, the Team plan is only $25, so less expensive than Alteon Premium.

What do you think about Alteon? Do you use a content management system? Would you benefit from the new Accelerator app to unleash your internet connection capabilities? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments down below!

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