Aputure amaran COB 60 Accessories Announced – Light Box 45×45 and Handle Bracket


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Lighting manufacturer Aputure has announced two new accessories that pair well with their budget-friendly amaran 60 series of light, the Light Box 45×45 and the amaran COB 60 Handle Bracket.

Aputure is continuing to support its modestly priced amaran brand by adding additional accessories to its COB 60 light fixtures range (Read our COB 60x and 60d Lighting Review by clicking here).

Aputure amaran COB 60 new Accessories:

Light Box 45×45

Light Box 45×45. Image Credit: Aputure

I had a chance to spend some time with the Light Box 45×45 and the most impressive thing about this accessory is how portable it is. The soft case it travels in is about the size of an iPad Mini (ie. small). Beyond that, the Light Box 45×45 is a simple method to soften the hard light of the amaran 60d or 60x.

Image Credit: Aputure

It is Bowens mount, so you could absolutely use it with other fixtures, but you shouldn’t expect Aputure Light Dome 150 results here as the size of the fully built Light Box is quite small in comparison.

The accessory comes with everything pictured above including two strengths of diffusion.

amaran COB 60 Bracket

The amaran COB 60x or 60d, given their low weight of about 5 lbs, make for excellent mobile lights for event coverage or long moving shots and this bracket makes holding either of these fixtures an easier proposition.

amaran COB 60 Handle Bracket. Image Credit: Aputure

Paired with a D-Tap cable, the amaran COB 60 Handle Bracket can also sport a larger V-mount battery for mobile lighting needs. There are plenty of compatible and affordable third-party D-Tap to barrel cables available out there as well for powering these low draw amaran 60 fixtures.

Image Credit: Aputure

Both of these Aputure accessories should be welcome news for amaran users in search of cost-effective ways of using their portable fixtures. The Light Box 45×45 is available for $59.00 and the COB 60 handle is $40.00, both are shipping now.

Are you an amaran COB 60 user? Will you be adding either of these accessories to your kit? Let us know in the comments below!

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