Irix Cine Lenses for FUJIFILM X-Mount Now Available


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Irix is expanding their cine lens lineup to include FUJIFILM X-mount in the full range of lenses spanning from 11mm up to 150mm. These new Irix Cine lenses are available with metric or imperial focus marks, and retail for $1,266 each. So let’s have a closer look!

Irix’s cine lens lineup currently consists of six focal lengths (11/15/21/30/45/150mm). The 150mm T3.0 exists in two variants: Macro and non-Macro. Back at IBC 2022, we took a closer at the “revamped” 150mm T3.0 as well as the company’s lightweight matte box, that was officially introduced at the beginning of this year.

Irix Cine lenses – overview

The Irix Cine lenses are designed to cover the full-frame format. The lenses are already available in the most popular mounts: Canon RF, Canon EF, Sony E, Nikon Z, Leica L, MFT, and ARRI PL. These options are now joined by the FUJIFILM X-mount. All lenses have a unified design of the aperture and focus rings, and they are similar in weight and size.

If you use mirrorless FUJIFILM X-mount cameras, like the X-H2 (our news article and review) or the X-H2S (news article, review, and Lab Test), then the Irix Cine lenses could be a good fit for you.

Irix Cine lens lineup

Irix Cine lens lineup – Source: Irix
Irix Cine Lenses – lineup

  • 11mm T4.3
  • 15mm T2.6
  • 21mm T.1.5
  • 30mm T1.5
  • 45mm T1.5
  • 150mm T3.0 Macro 1:1
  • 150mm T3.0 Tele
Irix Cine Lens X-Mount

Irix Cine lens lineup – Source: Irix
Magnetic mount system

Six of the seven Irix Cine lenses (except the Irix 11mm T4.3) have a handy magnetic mount system (MMS) that is compatible with Irix Edge MMS filters and Irix MMS lens hood. The Irix Edge magnetic filters have a thread-less design and can be stacked together. Basically, this allows you to not only freely combine them, but also save space when stored.

Irix Cine lenses and accessories

Irix Cine lenses and accessories – Source: Irix

All of the Irix Edge MMS filters are made of hardened optical glass. The filters’ surfaces are covered with a multilayer, antireflective nano-coating that makes them easier to clean. Available types of Irix Edge MMS filters are: UV, CPL, ND4, ND8, ND16, ND32, ND64, and Vari ND 2-5.

MMS Filters for Irix Cine Lenses

MMS Filters for Irix Cine Lenses – Source: Irix
Irix Cine lenses – key features

  • 8 mounts available: FUJIFILM X, Canon EF, Canon RF, L-mount, MFT, Nikon Z, PL mount, Sony E mount
  • Covers up to full-frame format sensors
  • 9-blade iris for smooth, rounded bokeh
  • Cine-style 0.8 MOD geared focus and aperture rings
  • HR and ED elements help reduce or eliminate spherical aberration
  • Weather sealed
  • Low-focus breathing
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Almost no distortion
  • Industry-standard 86mm and 95mm front diameter
  • Luminous markings in meters or feet
Irix Cine lenses for FUJIFILM X-mount cameras

Irix Cine lenses for FUJIFILM X-mount cameras – Source: Irix
Price and availability

The new FUJIFILM X-mount Cine lenses are now available with metric or imperial focus marks and can be ordered from the company’s website for $1,266 each.

For further information please visit Irix’s website here.

So, what do you think about the Irix Cine lenses? Have you ever had the chance to shoot something with these glasses? Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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