RØDE NT-USB+ Introduced – A Professional USB Condenser Microphone


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RØDE NT-USB+ is a versatile, professional USB microphone solution for a variety of applications. Designed for podcasting, streaming, gaming, and recording, this mic is an evolution of the popular NT-USB. It offers a clean pre-amp and next-gen features that provide broadcast-quality audio in a small and easy-to-use package. Let’s see what RØDE has cooked up with this upgrade.

RØDE NT-USB+ is a studio-grade condenser capsule with a tight cardioid polar pattern. It connects directly to a computer, tablet, or mobile phone via USB-C, and features a 3.5mm headphone jack for latency-free monitoring.

RØDE NT-USB Mini (left) / RØDE NT-USB+ (right)
RØDE NT-USB+ evolution

The original NT-USB was designed to be small and convenient. It featured a built-in pop filter and isolation stand. The simplicity of the NT-USB made it the perfect solution for home users, and podcasters on the go.

Have a look at our reviews of the original RØDE NT-USB, and RØDE Connect Software to learn more about how these devices help simplify audio recording.

Image credit: RØDE

The NT-USB+ incorporates everything that users loved about the original mic, with additional features and a pump in audio recording quality.

Built around RØDE’s high-gain Revolution Preamp™, the NT-USB+ is slightly larger than the original. The pop filter has also been added as an included external accessory which can be easily removed for non-vocal recording applications.

Image credit: RØDE

Rode’s free podcasting and streaming software, Rode Connect, allows users to apply advanced APHEX audio processing internally on the NT-USB+ with ease. These signal processing features include a noise gate, compressor, and APHEX Aural Exciter and Big Bottom to remove background frequencies and deliver crystal clear recordings.

These are processed internally by a DSP chip and do not tax your system. Conveniently, these features can be activated both on the desktop application and mobile apps as well.


The NT-USB+ looks to be a terrific solution for podcasters, gamers, and professionals who value ease of use, quality recordings, and advanced features in the studio or on the go.

The RØDE NT-USB+ is available now for $169 which includes the NT-USB+, tripod, ring mount, pop filter, and SC29 cable. Visit RØDE’s site for more information about the NT-USB+, and RØDE’s software applications for podcasting and recording.

Do you use a USB microphone for your professional audio recording needs? What do you think of the RØDE NT-USB+? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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