Video Science of the Movies


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Science of the Movies reveals the secrets behind Hollywoods most heart-stopping special effects sequences from such top films as Pirates of the Caribbean and Minority Report. Visit the F/X wizards responsible for conjuring movie magic, and see how cutting-edge technology makes it possible. From dazzling 3D computer animation in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs to high-speed chase scenes and zombie makeup, this amazing series shows you all the inside tricks with the help of hands-on host and self-proclaimed movie geek Nar Williams.

10 Episodes: The Big Picture -- The IMAX Experience, Horror Movies -- Effects That Scare, Killa Chase Scenes -- 3D Magic, Zombies! Science of the Undead, Speed: When Buses Fly!, Puppet Meisters The Magic Behind Team America, The Magical World of George Lucas, The Explosive Science of 24.
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