SIRUI C60B and C60 Bowens-Mount Lights and E30B Panel – Now Live on Indiegogo


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The new SIRUI C60B and C60 are compact 60W COB lights with Bowens mount, tiltable grip, NP-F battery plate, and silent operation below 20dB. The C60B is bi-color at 2800K – 7000K and the C60 is daylight only at 5600K. The SIRUI E30B is a new compact 30W bi-color LED panel. All the lights support various lighting effects, offer high CRI and TLCI values, and can be controlled via the built-in knobs or with the SIRUI smartphone app. They are available now on Indiegogo.

The Chinese company SIRUI has been specializing in tripods and other grip accessories for a while until they made headlines with the affordable anamorphic lenses a few years back. It looks like SIRUI does not stop at lenses and with today’s announcement the company is entering the video lighting department as well. SIRUI just presented two new COB fixtures – the C60B and C60 – as well as a compact light panel named E30B. Let’s take a look at the details.

SIRUI C60B and C60: one-point-source lights

SIRUI C60 daylight lamp. Source: SIRUI

As the names of both products already give away – the C60B is a bi-color version and the C60 is a daylight-only fixture. The number 60 reveals how powerful both lights are – 60W. What SIRUI really emphasizes with these lights is how silent they are during operation. The company claims that the noise level of the built-in fan does not exceed 20dB.

SIRUI C60B and C60 lamps. Source: SIRUI

The bi-color C60B supports a color temperature between 2800K and 7000K. The daylight C60 outputs a 5600K light. SIRUI claims the CRI is 96 and TLCI is 98 which sounds like good values. In terms of output strength, SIRUI claims the daylight C60 achieves 3000 lux at 1m (without reflector) and the bi-color C60B achieves 2300 lux at 1m (without reflector). When using the included 55° reflector, SIRUI says the lights output an even light circle.

SIRUI C60 daylight lamp. Source: SIRUI

The good thing is that both lamps feature the industry-standard Bowens Mount so it should be fairly easy to mount various light-shaping accessories from SIRUI or third-party manufacturers. According to SIRUI, both lights are lightweight and compact – the weight is 660g (C60), or 700g (C60B), and the dimensions are 116 x 110mm. Both lamps feature a control interface with a display, knobs, and buttons at the back.

SIRUI C60B bi-color lamp. Source: SIRUI

With every lamp, there is a quick-load battery box included that houses two NP-F style battery packs and its advantage is a completely cable-less design. On top of the quick-load battery box, the lights can also be powered via the included AC cable. Every SIRUI C60B and C60 lamp also comes with a grip that can tilt the lamp in 8 steps within 120° and features a standard light-stand hole at the bottom.

SIRUI C60B and C60 battery plate and grip. Source: SIRUI

Both lights also support a variety of lighting effects (C60 has 8, C60B has 12 effects) such as lighting, flash, broken bulb, TV, pulse, welding, fireworks, SOS, bomb, CCT recycle, candle, or fire.

It seems that bringing out video lights in 2022 that cannot be controlled via smartphones is unthinkable. Thankfully, SIRUI offers an app that can control these new lights. It should be capable of dividing multiple lights into several groups or controlling them separately. One group supports up to 6 pieces of lights.

SIRUI C60B package contents. Source: SIRUI
SIRUI E30B light panel

Another light that SIRUI launches today is the E30B bi-color LED panel. It offers 800 lux of output at 30W (measured at 1m) and the light temperature is available between 2800K and 7000K. CRI of the light is 96 and TLCI is 98 according to SIRUI.

SIRUI E30B light panel. Source: SIRUI

The E30B LED light panel can also be controlled via the knobs and buttons at the back or via the smartphone app. It weighs 800g and its dimensions are 269 x 169 x 36mm. Just like with the COB lights, SIRUI includes the tiltable grip with this panel. The E30B can be powered either via the NP-F dual battery slot or the AC adapter.

SIRUI E30B light panel. Source: SIRUI

The LED panel also supports 12 lighting effects – lighting, flash, broken bulb, TV, pulse, welding, fireworks, SOS, bomb, CCT recycle, candle, or fire.

Pricing and availability

All the SIRUI lights are now available via this Indiegogo campaign. The pricing has been set as follows:

  • SIRUI C60 – Indiegogo price $159 (20% off the full retail price of $199.9)
  • SIRUI C60B – Indiegogo price $199 (20% off the full retail price of $249.9)
  • SIRUI E30B – Indiegogo price $79 (20% off the full retail price of $99.9)

SIRUI E30B light panel – package contents. Source: SIRUI

We are saying this at the end of every crowdfunding-related article: please be aware of the risks when baking a project on a crowdfunding platform. Please read Indiegogo’s terms of use – especially the section about “Backing a campaign”. Keep in mind that there can be significant delays when delivering the product. Some products don’t even get delivered at all.

Which COB lights do you like to use? What do you think about these compact SIRUI lights? Let us know in the comments section underneath the article.

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