SmallHD FOCUS 7 – Their First 7″ Touchscreen Monitor

The SmallHD FOCUS 7 is their first 7” touchscreen monitor. A larger brother to the popular 5” touchscreen display, the FOCUS brings OS3 firmware, recessed HDMI input, L series power & power output to an entry-level market.

The FOCUS Line has been around for some time, and whilst taking a fair few revisions along the way (HDMI, SDI, OLED, LCD, Bolt wireless) has only ever been a constructed from a 5” display.

The SmallHD FOCUS 7 naturally upgrade to a 7” screen, a first for them in combination with a touchscreen IPS panel.

The FOCUS 7 screen has 1920X1200 resolution, although can accept up to 4K 30p signals. It has 1000nits of brightness and 323 pixel per inch.

Like the FOCUS 5 you navigate through the menu system via touchscreen; like all current SmallHD monitors the FOCUS 7 will take advantage of OS3 firmware (or later) meaning all advanced focus and exposure aids are at your finger tips… literally.

The SmallHD FOCUS 7 has X2 Sony L series compatible battery slots, an upgrade from a single slot on the FOCUS 5.

Like it’s smaller brother, the FOCUS 7 can provide power output to small mirrorless cameras via compatible cable, a neat feature in keeping small camera setups compact.

Other peripherals include a SD slot for LUT & still frame libraries, headphone jack, Micro USB port and full-sized recessed HDMI.

Being a recessed HDMI input port the FOCUS 7 body naturally protects the connection with the cable, a peripheral that is commonly known for inconsistencies.

Using the FOCUS 7 in conjunction with the SmallHD 7” Tilt Arm gives you a compact mounting solution with single-hand (tension) adjustment.

This is nice for use with gimbals and compact cameras. Another feature that will factor here is the weight, at 1.28-oz/0.319kg its 30% lighter than the SmallHD 702.

I expect the SmallHD FOCUS 7 to have the same expansion to its line as the FOCUS 5 – SDI, OLED and wireless versions. Prices for various packages and accessories below.

Are you using external monitors? What do you think of SmallHD? Or are you going the Atomos route with external recorder-monitors? Let us know in the comments below!

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