Approve Sound Advice with Frank Serafine


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I just attended this seminar like yesterday (05/10/15) and I can say in full confidence that it is well worth the price of admission. In discounts vouchers ALONE this course was worth the $300 paid. I can understand that some parts of the course felt like they focused on the "soup" bits rather the "nuts". Of course there is going to be information presented here that you may already know. BUT... and this is a big BUT, I can assure you that something will be presented that you DID NOT KNOW. I personally had no idea that some of the ways professional sound designers/engineers go about doing ADR was so simple. I also was blown away by one of the sections where Mark broke down how he created new sounds from existing and custom sound libraries using tools that many of us alreay have at our disposal. Furthermore I think what people need to understand is that even if Frank is not there (because of health issues) Mark was the individual who created the tour in the first place. So not only are you going to get most of what Frank would have presented (including a HD download) but also the unique information that Mark has acquired during his career. It's crazy to me that people don't understand the value in that. $300 is a drop in the bucket compared to what you would and could pay to get the same information scattered across the internet in various waterdown forms