Techart TZM-02 Leica M to Nikon Z Adapter – AF for Manual Lenses With Video Support Released


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Techart has released the second version of their Leica M to Nikon Z lens adapter: the TZM-02. This adapter allows you to adapt nearly every manual lens to your Nikon Z camera and gives it autofocus capabilities. The cherry on the cake? The second iteration of the adapter now works in video mode!

Techart is a Chinese manufacturer that specializes in lens adapters and, more precisely, autofocus lens adapters. We already reported about their Leica M to Sony E mount autofocus lens adapter, but unfortunately, it did not work in video mode.

It looks like the team at Techart has been working hard since that release as they just announced version two of the Leica M to Nikon Z AF adapter, with the added bonus of video mode support.

Techart TZM-02 features

The Techart TZM-02 is a Leica M to Nikon Z lens mount adapter. It is compatible with all Full-Frame and APS-C Nikon Z cameras, including the Z9, Z7II, Z7, Z6II, Z6, Z5, Z50, ZFC, Z30, and so on.

You might ask yourself, why Leica M? I asked myself the same before realizing that it has a relatively short focal flange distance of 27.80mm. In short, you can adapt many lenses to the Leica M mount, including Canon EF, Canon FD, Pentax K, M42, Nikon F and many others.

Image credit: Techart

The Techart TZM-02 features four radially positioned servo motors on the inside that’ll make your lens physically move forward/backward within a 4.5mm extension range to adjust the focus. In short, the TZM-02 can transform any manual lens into a Nikon Z autofocus lens without even touching the focus barrel.

Video performances

This new version now supports heavier lenses up to 500g, has a bulge-less design compared to its predecessors, and the unicase machining makes it slimmer than its predecessor. However, the most significant addition is that it now supports video autofocus, and I was pretty impressed by the demonstration video above.

The Techart TZM-02 also supports in-body image stabilization if your Nikon Z camera has it. Last but not least, there is a micro USB port on the side of the adapter, and you can firmware update it if newer Nikon Z cameras come out.

Image credit: Techart
Price and availability

The Techart TZM-02 is available now for $399. You’ll find the adapter and the USB update tool in the box.

For more information, please visit Techart’s website here.

What do you think about this one-of-a-kind autofocus lens adapter? Would a version for Canon RF or Panasonic L-mount cameras be useful to you? Don’t hesitate to let us know in the comments down below!

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