Wooden Camera / Anton Bauer Battery Adapter Plates Announced


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At CineGear 2022, we stopped by the Creative Solutions (Videndum) booth once again, this time to see what’s new at Wooden Camera and Anton Bauer. The two brands have teamed up to develop a new line of battery adapter plates. V-Mount to Anton Bauer and vice versa.

The ability to remain flexible on set is sometimes crucial. As different battery solutions have saturated the market – in the pro sector we’re talking Anton Bauer Gold Mount, V-Mount and now the new B-Mount standard – it can be handy to swap out different mounts.

Wooden Camera / Anton Bauer battery adapter plates

For this, Wooden Camera and Anton Bauer (both parts of Videndum – formerly known as the Vitec Group) have teamed up to create a new series of micro-sized battery adapters. One converts an Anton Bauer Gold Mount into a V-Mount, another does just the opposite, and a third is built specifically for the RED RAPTOR camera.

battery adapter plate

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Since this camera already has a built-in battery mount, the adapter had to be made a bit thicker to compensate. On the positive side, you can now use not only Micro Anton Bauer batteries, but also full-sized ones.

Each adapter sports D-Tap sockets, which, fortunately, are also equipped with e-fuses. So if you connect a faulty cable or a connected device draws too much current, the fuse will blow. This may not seem like much, but protecting really expensive camera equipment is of course always desirable.

Pricing and availability

Pricing has not yet been determined, but according to Dominick, the Divisional Senior Director of Accessories, these new products should be available around August of this year.

battery adapter plates

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They are also working with ARRI and Bebob to develop B-mount adapters in the future. So you can expect this new series of battery adapter plates to evolve over time, which is of course a good thing!

Link: Videndum

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